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Understanding the ISNetworld® Training Requirement

  • Many contractor supplier companies that subscribe to ISNetworld® are confused about what Training RAVS® are and when they have to send them in. Let’s see if we can debunk the mystery about this and make it easier to navigate this requirement.

    An Overview of ISNetworld® RAVS®

    Every company that subscribes to ISNetworld® has to initially submit RAVS® (Review and Verification Services) that show safety programs that your workers may be involved in while they are performing work at a Client Customer location. Different clients may request RAV® topics depending on their unique requirements. Every RAV® usually has some requirement stated in the policy that the Company will provide some sort of training to their employees on these topics every year.

    This is pretty straightforward, but randomly ISNetworld® will send a Contractor Supplier a request that they must show evidence of training for their submitted RAVS®. This is when employers start to panic about how to comply with this requirement usually in a short period of time.

    Many employers think that if their employees have received the OSHA 10 hour or OSHA 30 hour card that this will suffice. This is not true. The OSHA training covers a limited variety of topics that OSHA deems to be the greatest risk to employees performing their jobs. The average contractor supplier has to submit around 30 or more RAV® safety programs depending on their client and many are specialized topics that are not taught in the OSHA training.

    Another misconception is that if the topic happens to be covered in the OSHA training, then the employee is qualified forever. True, the OSHA training card does not expire, but ISNetworld® usually states in their evidence of training request that the training has to have occurred in the the last 12 months and sometimes 24 months.

    ISNetworld® training request requirements

    Now, let’s talk about the actual specific requirements to meet the ISNetworld® training request. There should be a safety training sign-in sheet sent in to ISNetworld® in the normal PDF format. The criteria listed below must be included on the training sign-in sheet, roster, or certificate:

    1. Company Name (not required if submitting an individual certificate)
    2. Date of Training (must be within specific timeframe)
    3. Course Name/Topic (be sure to list some of the main topics in addition to the course name)
    4. Name and/or signature of trainee(s)
    5. Name and/or signature of instructor(s)

    ISNetworld® has a generic Training Sign-In Sheet Template available for your use on their website.  You can choose to use theirs or create your own as long as it has the above listed requirements.

    • Note that if your training document would have a customer site location on it this information should be redacted.

    Frequently asked questions about fulfilling the ISNetworld® training requirement

    Do I have to submit a training document for all my required RAVS® or can I request an exemption?

    Training documents are tied to the equivalent safety program, so all exemptions granted for a safety program will be applied to the equivalent Training Document. To view why your company is required to submit documentation for a specific training, click the list icon under the Requirements column to the right of the training program name. You may need to update your company’s selected work types or review your company’s answers in the MSQ™. If you determine that your selected work type(s) are accurate, you can utilize the Safety Program exemption tool to request exemptions from your client(s) for safety programs.

    Can I use the training manager tool in ISNetworld® to meet the training document requirement?

    Yes. If your company utilizes the Training Manager tool, you can link your trainings to Training Documents to satisfy this requirement.

    Do I have to submit training for all my employees?

    No. This is a misconception. You do not need to have all your employees trained on every RAV® topic.  You can submit one sign-in sheet or roster for a particular training topic. As long as there are employee names listed, this will be sufficient. This requirement is to serve as proof of recent training for your employees.

    Also, keep in mind that the training can be in a simple format like a tool box talk. If you use a tool box talk, the instructor name and signature must also be included on the sign-in sheet.  This is a common mistake.

    What is the difference between safety programs and training documents?

    Safety programs are written safety protocols and procedures that are employed at a company to protect worker’s safety and health. These do not include materials used in training. Training documents are the attendance rosters or sign-in sheets used to show that your employees have been trained on your safety programs.

    How do I view required training program RAVS®?

    1. From Review & Verification (RAVS®), select Training Documents
    2. Use filter at the top of the page to filter requirements by a specific Hiring Client
    3. Click on the list icon in the Requirements column to view work types requiring the program

    How do I upload training documents?

    1. From Review & Verification (RAVS®), select Training Documents
    2. By default, this page will show required training documentation for ALL Hiring Clients
    3. To filter by Hiring Client, select the appropriate Hiring Client under the “All Hiring Clients” dropdown on top left of page
    4. Click on Upload Document in the status column for the appropriate Program
    5. Name your file
    6. Click Choose File and select your file (.pdf format)
    7. Select Upload to submit document

    I hope this guide helps anyone who might be struggling with the ISNetworld® training requirement. Should you have additional questions or need assistance completing your ISNetworld® compliance, please feel free to contact us today.

    Please note Safety International, LLC is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.

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