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Safety Consulting

St. Louis Based Safety Consulting Services for OSHA Compliance, Construction & Industry

As the premier safety consulting firm in the St. Louis area, we are committed to developing an essential culture of safety for your small to medium sized company. Whether you have felt the pain of facing safety accidents or are just tired of the headaches involved in trying to manage your company’s safety program, it’s time to consider an expert safety consulting and management program. Don’t let safety management issues keep your construction or manufacturing business from growing and serving more clients.

To meet the unique needs and size of your company, our team at Safety International, LLC, offers customized programs—from a la carte services to complete turn-key packages that alleviate your stress by taking safety compliance off your shoulders once and for all.

Fix Your Safety Program While Reducing Costs and Risks

Feeling the pain of high EMR’s, insurance costs, or OSHA fines?

Unable to bid on new projects due to safety problems?

Let Safety International get your safety program back on track. How do we do it? We go beyond just providing safety training or audits like other consulting companies. We take it a step further by delivering complete safety consulting and management that we custom-fit to your organization.

We’ll consult on any safety issues or challenges you may have; we take the reins, solving problems, maintaining compliance and managing effective safety programs that will save your company time and  money—as well as a whole lot of hassle!

What Can You Expect from Our Safety Consulting Services?

Whether you need just a few services to get your safety program on track or are ready to go all the way with a comprehensive services package, Safety International, LLC, is here to work with you to make it happen. Each of our consulting services strengthens your organization with a higher level of safety and delivers security and peace of mind to business owners who have experienced the stress of safety challenges.

Services available to our valued clients:

Safety Training, OSHA Training & Certification Courses

Continuous and effective employee training is often the top issue that comes up during OSHA reviews. At Safety International, LLC, we utilize only credentialed and highly experienced OSHA authorized trainers to provide our 10 and 30-hour construction/general industry courses. Courses like Forklift Operator Certification Training, Fall Prevention, and more ensure you are nurturing an essential culture of safety for your company.

OSHA Safety Training for Compliance and Certification

Protect your employees, eliminate workplace hazards, and maximize your OSHA compliance with the right safety training. We offer 10-hour and 30-hour construction trainings, covering recognition and avoidance as well as abatement, prevention of workplace hazards related to safety and health, and information about workers’ rights and OSHA safety requirements.

ISNetworld Compliance & Certification

Few things are as time-consuming and frustrating in your industry as trying to get ISNetworld approved. Let our team at Safety International, LLC, alleviate the hassle and provide our complete ISNetworld Compliance Service. We will handle it all for you and create or improve your existing safety programs to meet the ISNetworld requirements.

Safety Program Management: Safety Management for Construction and Industry

When you know it’s time to take your safety programs up a notch, you want to be sure you have the right management in place. From convenient online safety management tools and the appropriate written documentation to the creation of the right policies and procedures and recordkeeping, Safety International, LLC, enables your company to establish and effectively monitor compliance.

Accident Investigations

Identifying the source of accidents is the number one step in preventing the same accidents in the future. At Safety International, we are the experts in the St. Louis area for construction and general industry workplace accidents. Any time there is an accident, your company must conduct a thorough investigation right away. Our team utilizes our extensive OSHA knowledge and experience to conduct accident investigations from beginning to end with the highest level of professionalism.

Safety Audits & Inspections, Mock OSHA Inspections

Imagine having the top experts handling your safety audits and inspections. We offer this as well as mock OSHA inspections to help your company get on track quickly. We’ll identify the gaps and help you determine exactly what you need to do to achieve compliance and maximize your workplace safety.

Safety Staffing, Safety Coordinator Staffing Service

Staffing your safety program or finding an on-site safety coordinator is made easy with Safety International. We can provide highly qualified safety personnel to meet and maintain any compliance obligations.

To learn more about our safety consulting services for OSHA compliance, connect with our team at Safety International, LLC, online now.

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