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Michael Sicking, Founder/CFO

Michael Sicking, Founder/CFO of SAFETY INTERNATIONAL, is a proven leader and innovator in the fields of occupational safety and health, as well as manufacturing and construction. With his 35 years serving these industries, he has gained an extensive amount of firsthand experience through several senior level positions in commercial/residential construction projects and manufacturing risk management throughout the United States. Besides being the President of an established safety consulting firm, he has also enjoyed the privilege of serving as the Chairman of the Safety Committee for the American Subcontractors Association of the Midwest. He is also an active member and consultant to the OSHA/MCA Partnership. Mr. Sicking is also the founding architect of the American Subcontractors Association STAR Safety Program, which is an intensive partnership among ASA member companies and a successful Loss Control Program modeled after a formal CAL/OSHA style partnership.

Michael's Accreditations:

  • U.S. Department of Labor OSHA authorized outreach trainer
  • Certified Fall Protection Systems Inspector
  • Enterprise University Guest Professor
  • MCA Authorized Silica Awareness trainer
  • Licensed American Red Cross Training Instructor in Adult/Pediatric First Aid, CPR, AED, and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Responsible for the Site Safety for a number of high profile construction projects in the Midwest
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Safety

Michael Sicking has also served as the Director of Safety for the National Painting and Decorating Contractor’s Association. This organization is comprised of over 2,000 professional painting companies nationwide.

Mr. Sicking and all of SAFETY INTERNATIONAL'S staff have diligently worked to be the safety provider of choice for many companies ranging from manufacturing, construction, universities, Research Laboratories, and the Insurance Company sectors.

Douglas Sicking, President & CEO

Douglas Sicking

Douglas Sicking, President & CEO of SAFETY INTERNATIONAL, has 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in occupational safety and health within the Construction, General and Manufacturing Industries, Universities, Research Laboratories, and the Insurance Company sectors. He consults for companies in all industry segments not just on Safety, but also the direct and indirect impact safety has on worker’s compensation cost, risk management and liability, production, and the bottom line of current and potential future revenue.

In 2020, after a very successful tenure as Vice President & Partner, Douglas was promoted to the role of President & CEO of SAFETY INTERNATIONAL. It is with great pride that he will take the company’s strong client reputation and success into the next generation of service to the Occupational Safety & Health Industry.

Doug has been the driving force that has brought SAFETY INTERNATIONAL into mainstream 2022 as one of the leading Safety Management Firms not just in St. Louis, but the Midwest.

His personable approach and experience in developing a safety culture and infrastructure tailored for each specific company is unparalleled to the rest.

Douglas holds a Bachelor of Science degree, two Associate of Science degrees, in addition to a long list of industry certifications. He is OSHA Construction and General Industry Certified and MSHA Certified and is an active member in several OSHA Industry Partnerships as an advisor and member advocate in several nationally recognized associations and is always seeking additional hours of OSHA continuing education.

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