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What are you looking for when it comes to OSHA safety training for your construction or manufacturing businesses? Highly qualified, OSHA authorized safety trainers should be at the top of your list of requirements. Your company deserves the best training program available. And whether you have encountered safety accidents in the workplace or just know it’s time to fine-tune your company’s safety program, Safety International, LLC, will have just the consulting services you need.

Why Safety Training Is So Important

The truth is a safety program is only as good as its employee training. In fact, the OSHA safety training you have in place is one of the primary factors OSHA considers when reviewing your company for compliance.

The safety training you offer must be thorough, effective and continuous, or there will be red flags that you aren’t doing all you can do to protect your employees. With consulting services from our team at Safety International, LLC, you can have peace of mind, knowing you are doing all you can do to achieve and maintain OSHA compliance.

Get Proven OSHA Safety Training for Your Employees

Our team provides a wide range of training services—from live safety seminars and workshops to forklift safety training. We also have customized specific programs for construction safety training to meet your company’s unique needs.  

What’s Different about Our Safety Trainers

We utilize only credentialed, OSHA-authorized trainers who are highly experienced and understand the details and nuances of safety for the construction and manufacturing industries. We conduct a training that is clear, easy-to-understand and contains actionable steps employees can take to meet compliance requirements with ease.

Safety Classes for Construction, Manufacturing and Industry

Safety training should never be part of a cookie-cutter program. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to OSHA training. That’s why you want to seek out a business like Safety International, LLC, that specializes in construction, manufacturing and industry.

When you work with us, you can take advantage of the following professional trainings and certification:

  • Forklift Operator Certification Training: Instructs in the effective and safe operation of forklifts through a comprehensive training in materials handling, equipment evaluation and vehicle safety training.
  • Fall Prevention Training: Instructs in OSHA’s fall protection standard for the construction industry, principles of protecting oneself and others from falls in the workplace, including a summary of methods for fall protection and the limitations of fall arrest systems.
  • Respiratory Training: Instructs in the requirements of establishing, maintaining and monitoring a respiratory protection program. This training covers terminology, OSHA standards, and medical and respiratory evaluation
  • Lock/Out Tag/Out Training: Instructs on the employer responsibility to establish and maintain a program for energy control or a lock/out/tag/out system that provides protection for workers who are conducting service activities on equipment and machinery.

The beauty of training through Safety International, LLC, is that you have the freedom to create custom safety training programs based on a particular need or issue. Our team will always work closely with you to tailor programs on an as-needed basis to minimize risks and maintain the best possible safety record for your company.

What are your company’s greatest training needs when it comes to safety programs? Get in touch with us today to take a closer look at the gaps in your training and then create a plan to take your safety training to the next level with Safety International, LLC.

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