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Accident Investigation

Do you have the necessary services in place in the event of an accident investigation?

While it’s not a fun topic to discuss, accident investigations for your construction or manufacturing industry are important to consider. You need to have the right safety management program in place that will address the prevention of accidents as well as provide details as to what will take place if the worst happens. You need to know what to expect in the event of an accident investigation, so you are prepared and ready to take a proactive approach to facilitate the best results possible for all parties involved.

When you work with our team at Safety International, LLC, you can count on our accident investigation services to come through for you when you need them most. Our experts are experienced and trained in construction and manufacturing industry accidents, including injury, fatality, or near-miss accident situations.

Because we know OSHA guidelines and compliance inside and out, we understand exactly what needs to happen when it comes to the workplace site investigations and employee interviews.

Construction Accident Investigations: What You Need to Know

The top reasons our team conducts accident investigations for construction companies include:

  • Identifying the cause of the accident
  • Preventing similar accidents
  • Fulfilling legal obligations through OSHA
  • Determining the accident cost to the company
  • Identifying compliance with the appropriate safety regulation
  • Processing any claims for workers’ compensation

Even if a construction accident does not result in injuries or property damages, there will still need to be an investigation to identify any risks to minimize or hazards to eliminate. This prevents similar accidents from happening in the future.

Manufacturing Industry Accident Investigations: What You Need to Know

Here’s what you can expect from Safety International’s manufacturing industry accident investigation services:

  • We’ll quickly get to the root of safety accidents on your manufacturing work site; this prevents similar accidents from occurring in the future.
  • We use our extensive accident investigation experience to assess the situation to the fullest extent; we never cut corners, because we know an incomplete or inaccurate investigation can increase liability and create more problems for all parties involved.
  • Because we have a thorough understanding of OSHA regulations, we will always keep the investigation in line with those guidelines.
  • We will help you to identify and fulfill any necessary legal requirements, including the processing of claims for workers’ compensation.
  • Even if there are no injuries, fatalities or property damages, we will identify the problems your manufacturing company should correct to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Can You Really Grow Your Business through Accident Investigations?

When you choose the right accident investigation services, you can turn an investigation into a growth experience for your company. Our team can help you to make the most of any accident investigation for both construction sites and manufacturing workplaces.

Why not take advantage of an opportunity to make your company better than it was before? It’s true—sometimes accidents happen. However, the greatest companies are the ones that have a solid safety plan in place and the proper accident investigation services on stand-by. There’s no reason to settle for less than the best services when you are in the middle of such a crucial time for your business.

Get the Right Accident Investigation Services in Place for Your Business Today

Connect with our team at Safety International, LLC, today to ensure you are prepared for an accident investigation. We offer complete turn-key safety management services, including professional accident investigation services that will give you peace of mind during a stressful time for your company. You will be amazed by how smoothly the investigation process can go when you have the right team working for you.

Connect with us now online to learn more about our flexible safety plans and reasonable rates to meet your budget needs. The words “accident investigation” may bring with it a negative connotation, but when you have our team at Safety International, LLC, on your side, you can achieve the best results possible for your employees and your company.

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