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Safety Program Management for Construction and Industry

How could you improve your company’s safety program management? Discover the benefits of workplace safety done right for construction and industry.

As a company owner or manager, you know safety program management for construction and industry is important. There’s really no question about that, is there? The issue is that you may not have all of the training pieces in place to ensure your company’s safety program is as strong and effective as it can be. Furthermore, you may not be sure where to turn to get the consulting services you need.

That’s exactly where Safety International, LLC, comes in to make all the difference.

Our team has expertise in safety program management specifically for the construction and general manufacturing industries. We take a proactive approach to managing your company’s workplace safety, including meeting all the necessary OSHA requirements.

Why Get Professional Help with Safety Management

Does it make sense to get safety management services when you might be able to handle it yourself or let your foreman keep things going? Yes, absolutely. After all, how much extra time do you really have to ensure your safety program is covering ALL and not just SOME of the bases? And do you or your foreman consider yourselves experts in safety management plans for your industry? Probably not, and that’s okay!

Why not keep you and your employees doing what you do best, and we’ll do what we do best? Let us put our extensive experience to work for your company. We expertly handle all of the details of creating or enhancing your safety management plan, so you can carry on with other important aspects of your company.  

Is Your Existing Safety Management Plan Missing the Mark?

How can you know if your current safety plan has your company on track or is missing the mark and leaving you vulnerable to high risk? A professional assessment can help you identify what might be missing from your existing safety plan and what changes and additions can be incorporated to get it where it needs to be to meet legal obligations under OSHA.

Our team at Safety International, LLC, provides on-site walk-throughs and safety program assessments to identify gaps and make suggestions for improvements. We then offer customized training to meet the unique needs of your company. We don’t believe in cookie cutter trainings or one-size-fits-all safety management plans. That’s why we get to know our clients first and develop the right plan to get your company where it needs to be as quickly as possible.

What to Expect from Our Custom Safety Program Management Services

First, we will always begin with the primary goal in mind: to prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and deaths, along with the financial and emotional hardship such events can mean for employees, families and the employer. Everything we do falls under the umbrella of that goal.

We believe in taking a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. Every plan we create and enhance works to prevent problems for your employees and company.

Our safety program management services include the following components:

  • Customized written programs to document the employees and practices necessary to maintain safety in your unique workplace. These programs identify the training available for specific issues or topics and keep your company OSHA compliant.
  • Written policies and procedures, mandated by Federal law, which establishes guidelines for employee behavior and activity. These policies also serve to increase employee productivity and compliance as well as promote employee retention.
  • Immaculate recordkeeping to keep records of occupational injuries, illnesses or deaths. OSHA law mandates that your company fills out recordkeeping forms, but our services simplify the process and ensure the task is accomplished correctly.

All of our services come with top notch safety management consulting. You get to choose what level of service is right for your company. Our plans are flexible with reasonable rates that make your job a whole lot easier without tanking your budget.

Whether you are looking for comprehensive turn-key safety management services or just a few services to fill in the gaps for your company’s compliance plan, our team at Safety International, LLC, is ready to go to work for you. Connect with us online now to learn more about our safety program management services for construction and industry.

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