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Ready To Fix Your Safety Program While Reducing Your Costs & Risks?

We Don’t Just Do Safety Training Or Audits.
We Offer Complete Safety Program Management.

If you’re feeling the pain of higher EMR’s, insurance costs, OSHA fines, or you can’t bid based on safety issues...
We will get your safety program back on track.

Safety Management

Systems & Services

Wouldn’t you rather get everything from inspections to complete safety program magement from one resource? We WILL reduce your costs, hassles and risks so you can do what you do best.

Safety Programs and Management


Our safety consulting and management programs are customized to fit your needs up to complete turn-key packages that take safety compliance off your back once and for all.

Safety Programs and Management


From live safety seminars and workshops to forklift safety training, we will handle any and all of your safety training needs. We also have specific programs for construction safety training.

Safety Programs and Management

Audits & Inspections

Do you need a safety audit or safety inspection? We provide thorough audits, inspections, mock OSHA inspections and provide full roadmap support to get you where you need to go.

Safety Programs and Management

OSHA Compliance

Safety compliance is a big concern in today’s workplaces. We will help you achieve and maintain your OSHA Compliance programs over time.

Safety Programs and Management

ISNetWorld® Certification

ISN® safety compliance is becoming more necessary for construction companies and general contractors. We will help you to understand and obtain the ISN® certification and achieve full compliance.

Safety Programs and Management


Need an on site safety coordinator or ongoing safety staffing? We provide highly trained and qualified safety personnel to be placed on site to meet and maintain your compliance obligations.

Why Choose Us?

Safety Programs and Management

Save Money

We cost less and provide more value than maintaining your own safety staff.

Safety Programs and Management

Reduce Risks

You get a dedicated organization behind you focused solely on safety compliance.

Safety Programs and Management

Turn-Key Systems

We take it off your hands for a FIXED fee so you can get back to business.

What Our Customers Say

Charles Lombardo

"Safety International is an integral part of our safety formula here at Bi-State. They are quick to respond, no matter what the item is or the issue is. I give them all "10s," great response times and very knowledgeable"


Steve Hester

"Safety International helps me sleep better at night, knowing that I have a trained safety set of eyes on the job, helping me make sure my painters are safe".


Chris Eberlin

"Safety International helps our guys stay in tune with the expectations of our clients. They also give our people in the field an impartial set of eyes to make sure everything on the job is not only compliant across the board but is also as safe as possible"


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