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Safety International

Who Are We?

SAFETY INTERNATIONAL is registered as a business that provides Nationwide Occupational Safety and Health consulting services to the Construction and General Manufacturing Industries.

What Do We Do?

The main focus of the business is to assist small to medium sized companies reach a higher level of safety and profitability through Consulting, Safety Program Development, and Training.

How We Can Help You

A professional safety program has a direct correlation with decreased insurance premiums, enhancement of a company's chances at being chosen as the contractor of choice for future projects, and decreased chances of litigation from accidental injuries and worker's compensation claims.

Unrivaled Expertise

The staff of SAFETY INTERNATIONAL are all highly experienced and trained professionals within the construction and general industry fields. They have years of first hand practical knowledge and advanced training to assist our clients in accident prevention, OSHA regulation compliance, and reduced insurance premiums to aid in the client's bottom line.

We excel at providing professional, comprehensive, and affordable safety training, in accordance with OSHA standards. We offer standardized specific topic safety training courses or we can develop a customized training class unique to your situation.

Commitment to Our Clients

At SAFETY INTERNATIONAL we make a commitment to treat each client as if their employees are every bit as important as our own valued employees we are protecting. We take pride in developing an essential culture of safety and effectively assisting our clients and their employees in becoming and staying OSHA compliant.

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