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What is ISNetworld?

  • If you’re unfamiliar with ISNetworld, you may be thinking that the last thing your business needs is yet another network — and yet another time-sink. Understanding what it is and how it benefits your business, however, can put you on a sound footing when it comes to winning new contracts. For help navigating the murk of the application process, there’s help here at Safety International.

    ISNetworld Explained

    Broadly speaking, ISNetworld is a contractor management database. Getting down to brass tacks, it’s much more than that. It’s an international standards body that governs safety standards across several high-hazard industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, and construction. Being up to OSHA standards will help with ISNetworld compliance, but it’s worth noting that the organization has its own set of standards and reporting requirements.

    For many manufacturers, contractors, and even subcontractors, ISNetworld is a double-edged sword. On one hand, the subscription process is arduous and time-consuming — the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ) alone consists of more than 1,200 questions. Missing, incomplete, or faulty information will result in your application being delayed or denied, leading to no end of frustration.

    Safety International is well-acquainted with the ISNetworld compliance requirements. We start by assessing your business, and follow through by obtaining the information that you’ll need to get through the review and verification process. As needed, we’ll also create customized safety programs so you’re ready for your final review.

    ISNetworld Benefits

    We mentioned that ISNetworld is a double-edged sword. We’ve explored the drawbacks of the application process, but it’s worthwhile to consider how you’ll benefit from our assistance and your approved ISNetworld presence. The service is taken as the gold standard of safety and risk mitigation, so it’s often one of the first things a general contractor or potential client will look for once they’re taking you into consideration. The approval process has another benefit: you’ll have a clearer understanding than ever before of your business’s operations, areas of opportunity, and core strengths, which you can then leverage in your bids and your marketing.

    Why Safety International?

    ISNetworld compliance is only one of our many areas of expertise. When you work with Safety International, you’ll have the option of a turnkey total safety management program, or a customized solution drawn from our extensive menu of services. In addition to OSHA ten and 30-hour training courses, you can take advantage of safety program creation and management, training in CPR, AED, and first aid, recordkeeping and compliance, and a number of other offerings.

    Founded in 2014, our employees collectively bring decades’ worth of experience to small and medium businesses in construction and manufacturing. We help your business navigate the complex issues surrounding OSHA compliance in particular, as well as workplace safety more generally. Contact us for safety consulting and training today!

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