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Maintaining ISNetworld Certification

  • To the uninitiated, ISNetworld can seem like more trouble than it’s worth; the process is long and arduous, with the 1,200 question Management System Questionnaire (MSQ) only being one of many considerations. However, manufacturers, contractors, and subcontractors alike find the end result worthwhile, since the certification is widely considered the industry standard in risk mitigation, safety, and transparency. Safety International doesn’t just help with the long road to obtaining ISNetworld certification; we provide thorough ongoing support for the even more important work that follows: maintaining your ISNetworld certification.

    Essential Steps to Maintain Your ISNetworld Certification

    Maintaining ISNetworld certification can be summed up in one word: record-keeping. You’re in for a lot of it, and it’s absolutely essential you get it right. Here are some of the many records you will need to maintain.

      • On a monthly basis upload your employee and man hour data via Site Tracker®
      • On an annual basis, you must update certificates of insurance for all of your clients, track Experience Modification Rates (EMR), and maintain accurate OSHA 300 and OSHA 300A logs.
      • On an ongoing basis, there will be client-specific documents, MSQ questions, additional T-RAVS training and RAVS safety programs, other safety trainings, and any applicable operator qualifications (OQs).
      • If you’re using your existing ISNetworld as a marketing tool, there are further compliance requirements for each client as well.

    If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s because it is. You weren’t done documenting just because you obtained certification, and if you shirk any of the requirements above, you stand to lose your certification — meaning all that work will have been for naught. Not only will Safety International help you manage the data and processes behind the certification, we can also identify and remedy key areas of opportunity that will strengthen your business through safety and transparency.

    Why Maintenance Matters

    If obtaining ISNetworld certification is difficult, maintaining it is certainly no picnic. But it’s worth your while to remember why you went through all that trouble in the first place. If you’re a contractor, your clients will be looking for that certification. If you’re a subcontractor, the general contractor will be looking for it too — especially if they’re already certified.

    Beyond the customer potential, remember what else certification does for your business. It requires you to dissect and truly understand your strengths, weaknesses, procedures, and everything else that affects your day-to-day operations. It’s also worth remembering that there’s a way to make this entire process much easier: draw on outside help, like the ISNetworld services offered through Safety International.

    Safety International and ISNEtworld

    Since our founding in 2014, ISNetworld compliance has been a prime focus for Safety International. However, it’s not the only service we offer. Indeed, our ISNetworld offerings are as strong as they are precisely because they are backed by a roster of other offerings that include OSHA training courses, recordkeeping, compliance, and safety program creation. As a result, we are able to customize safety packages to the needs of any manufacturing or construction business. Contact us for safety consulting and training today!

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