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Is your company proactive or reactive with your construction safety program?

Construction Safety Program
  • When it’s time to project next year’s costs and revenues, are you including safety as a budget line item? Quite simply, is your view on safety spending proactive or reactive? Many contractors always seem to find the money if the General Contractor has a last minute requirement after the job starts or an accident happens that forces you to take additional safety precautions and buy equipment.

    I have been doing safety long enough to know that the companies who operate a proactive approach to safety are often the most profitable and the most sought after contractors in the area.  Here are the benefits of having a proactive construction safety program:

    1. Reduced Worker’s Comp Insurance & OSHA Incident Rate

    Companies with a proactive approach to safety almost without exception enjoy greatly reduced worker’s comp insurance from a lower than average EMR (Experience Modification Rate) and have an OSHA incident rate that is well below the NAICS code average for their trade. This translates into real dollars saved and earned.

    In today’s work environment, a company’s EMR and OSHA incident rate is like a credit score. If your score is poor, you are not even allowed to bid on projects, thus giving up valuable revenue for you and your employees.

    2. Increased Safety Culture = Increased Productivity

    Another great benefit of being proactive is that your employees will develop a sense of increased safety culture emphasis on the job. They may not thank you every time you go out to the job, but I have personally heard many comments from workers that they actually appreciate the visits from the “safety guy”.

    Employees have said that they work around a lot of other contractors who never have a safety professional come out to the job. With an emphasis on a safety culture, employees know you care about their well being, which translates into increased productivity, time saved, increased profits, and advertising for your company.

    3. Open Door Safety Policy

    One last thing to consider is being open to new safety ideas. One way to do this is to have a periodic safety/company meeting with your employees at your workplace and directly ask your employees how they feel about safety and what ideas they have to make the job task safer. You would be amazed at the great ideas your employees have to help your company grow.

    These are just a few ways that being proactive with construction safety program can really translate into increased profitability and productivity for your company.  Don’t let an accident on workplace incident force you to take safety precautions.  Should you need any assistance with taking steps to be proactive, feel free to contact us today.

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