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Pinch Point Hazards

10 Important Safety Tips to Avoid Pinch Point Hazards

  • Pinch points are common workplace hazards that can lead to serious injury, amputations, and even death on the job site. In this post, we're sharing everything you need to know about pinch point hazards and top safety tips to prevent these types of injuries. What is a pinch point? A pinch point is where two objects come together and a body part, most commonly the fingers and hands, can get caught.  While pinch point hazards most often involve the fingers…
    Cold Weather Safety Tips

    Cold Weather Safety Tips to Protect Your Workers This Winter

  • As we head into December, it's important to be prepared for the oncoming winter weather.  In this post, we're detailing the extreme risks associated with winter weather and sharing our top cold weather safety tips to protect your workers on outdoor job sites. Types of Cold Stress There are a number of risks that can occur from losing body heat when working in cold and wet conditions.  Below are the most common types of cold stress and how to respond…

    7 Ways to Prevent Construction Falls

  • Pop quiz: what’s the safest time of year, during which your employees are least likely to experience a fall on the jobsite? If your answer was “never,” congratulations. You’re better-versed in workplace safety than you think. You’re probably also more than a bit frustrated since fall risks on-site mean liability exposure, lost productivity, and the chance of catastrophic injuries. If you’re trying to keep your employees safe from harm, Safety International has seven simple and easy-to-follow tips. Audit Your Workplace…
    Safety Training

    5 Ways to Make Safety Training More Exciting

  • Safety training isn’t nearly as effective if your trainees aren’t focused during it. How can you keep your employees engaged for more effective training — and for their own safety? Based on our years of experience in safety consulting, Safety International has five simple tips you can use. Limit Distractions We all get distracted. It’s human nature. There are a few different ways to approach this. First, don’t schedule trainings first thing in the morning or right after a big…

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